Google tries to rescue Stadia service, powers Peloton, Capcom, Bungie with game streaming tech

The development of the cloud gaming platform Google Stadia is not as expected, and now it has evolved into a partner to provide a streaming technology platform, no longer a competitor of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft? Foreign media Business Insider reported that the entire Stadia project has been downgraded under Google’s organizational structure, and the priority task is to strengthen the cooperation experience of companies such as Peloton, Capcom and Bungie, rather than Introduce more games to the service.

Business Insider quoted 2 people familiar with the news that Google Stadia head Phil Harrison has changed to report business progress to Jason Rosenthal, Google’s vice president of subscription services, rather than directly to Rick Osterloh, who is in charge of hardware, a move equivalent to the entire Stadia product division. Degraded in the organizational structure, no longer has the previous hierarchy. This may not be surprising, Stadia has so far failed to meet Google’s internal expectations, far below the preset target.

Business Insider reported that Peloton’s first Lanebreak, a rhythm game combined with a flywheel, moves along a virtual track on the screen, and consumers control the rhythm through the speed of their legs; in fact, behind this game is Google Stadia’s game string. Streaming technology support, now these technologies are called “Google Stream” internally.

Peloton isn’t the only company quietly introducing Google Stream’s technology and offering it to consumers under its own brand. AT&T has provided cloud gaming services since October last year, allowing consumers to play “Batman: Arkham Knight” for free through their browsers. The technology behind Google Stream is also used, and Capcom is discussing with Google. Its games follow the same plan. In addition, Bungie, a game developer recently acquired by Sony for $3.6 billion, is also seeking technical support from Google Stream to build its own cloud gaming platform.

With the publication of the Business Insider report attracting attention, Google Stadia’s official Twitter account issued a tweet to call players’ confidence. Google spokesman Patrick Seybold said in a statement that Google last year announced the idea of ​​helping publishers and partners deliver games directly to players, and has been working hard to achieve this goal. Play Batman: Arkham Knight. Google does not comment on any rumors of other industry partners, and it remains focused on bringing great games to Stadia in 2022. There are currently more than 200 games to play, and more than 100 games are expected to be added. There are currently 50 games. The game is available for Stadia Pro users to claim.


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