Eyes always have “red blood”, may be these 5 eye diseases in the action


Have a good New Year and pay attention to eye hygiene.

The appearance of red blood in the eyes is something that happens to everyone. Most people’s first reaction is eye overuse or not enough rest, but I do not know that behind the red eyes is not simple, it may be these five eye diseases in the “trouble”!

Dry Eye

What Is Dry Eye? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment | Everyday  Health

Dry eye is a chronic ocular surface disease caused by multiple factors, is caused by the quality, quantity and dynamics of tear abnormalities resulting in tear film instability or ocular surface microenvironmental imbalance, can be accompanied by ocular surface inflammatory reaction, tissue damage and neurological abnormalities, resulting in a variety of eye discomfort symptoms and (or) visual dysfunction. Simply put, the eyes are dry. One of the typical symptoms of dry eyes is redness, increased thickening of conjunctival blood vessels, and red color.

To prevent dry eye, we should try to intervene in various aspects, such as reducing the time spent on cell phones and computers, controlling the distance between eyes, blinking more, using humidifiers in air-conditioned rooms, adjusting sleep, improving sleep quality, reducing late nights, etc.


Glaucoma vs. Cataracts - The Glaucoma Community - Responsum Health

Glaucoma is a type of pathologically high eye pressure, caused by optic nerve atrophy and visual field loss as a common feature of the disease. Although not all glaucoma patients will eye red, usually acute angle-closure glaucoma sudden increase in intraocular pressure will appear eye red.

What are the precursors of acute angle-closure glaucoma attack?


EMNote.org - EMNote

The headache is usually in the forehead and temples, and can be either severe migraine or dull pain that may be mild or severe. Severe pain may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.


The eyes are bloodshot, deep red in color, and indistinct in outline. Blurred: Blurred vision, sometimes when looking at lights, especially incandescent lights, you can see a rainbow of colors.


Photophobia, afraid to open their eyes in the sunlight, always blinking or even only closed eyes, constantly weeping.

If any of the above conditions occur, that is, a rapid increase in intraocular pressure, prompt medical attention should be sought to avoid irreversible damage to the eye caused by prolonged high intraocular pressure.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma– Gafacom

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is a condition in which the capillaries under the conjunctiva rupture and cause bleeding, and the exuded blood is confined between the conjunctiva and the eyeball, resulting in acute red eye. This is usually a red patch on top of the white eyeball. This condition is not a cause for concern, as the congestion usually resolves on its own within 7-12 days. People often confuse “conjunctival congestion” with “subconjunctival hemorrhage”, because red blood will appear in the eye after a late night or when the eye is overly tired.

File:Subconjunctival hemorrhage 02.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Subconjunctival hemorrhage is usually caused by external stimuli, such as forceful eye rubbing, violent coughing, vomiting, and forceful bowel movements. When people cough or have constipation, the abdominal pressure rises due to excessive force, shaking the blood vessels and causing them to rupture. If a patient has recently become fatigued, his or her hormones are likely to change, making the capillaries weaker and more likely to cause subconjunctival hemorrhage. In addition, inflammation of the conjunctiva, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, blood disorders, kidney disease, and certain infectious diseases (such as sepsis and typhoid) can also cause subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Acute conjunctivitis

The most common symptoms of acute conjunctivitis are redness and swelling, tearing, and increased discharge. Many people say, “I haven’t done anything, why do I have acute conjunctivitis? In fact, it “comes” to you when you are not looking for it. Acute conjunctivitis, also known as “pink eye,” is one of the most common infectious eye diseases seen in eye clinics and is highly contagious. Since the incubation period of pink eye is about 24 hours, individual longer will last 3-5 days, and the incubation period will not have too many manifestations, so many patients actually do not realize that they have the disease after the disease.

Special Tips

Once you find red eyes with pain and increased discharge, you should go to the hospital in time to avoid aggravation and spread of the disease due to pink eye.

Chronic conjunctivitis

What Causes Conjunctivitis?

The symptoms of chronic conjunctivitis are not exactly the same as those of acute conjunctivitis, and the manifestations are diverse. The more obvious symptom is the redness of the white part of the eye with blood, and the patient will feel dry, itchy and dry eyes. As a common eye disease in modern life, the incidence of chronic conjunctivitis has been increasing in recent years. The symptoms of chronic conjunctivitis are not serious and do not affect life much. Therefore, many patients often do not pay enough attention to it and easily miss the best time for treatment.

If not treated in time, the condition will continue to worsen, and serious cases can lead to dry eyes, acute and chronic dacryocystitis and other diseases, and eventually seriously affect the patient’s daily life.

Trade again! The basketball Lakers 2 for 1 trade exposure, Howard joined to help the basketball team to the championship

The NBA regular season is in full swing, and news of trades are pouring in. With the trade deadline less than a month away, all teams are actively looking for trades to strengthen their rosters, and the Nets, the favorite to win the title this season, are no exception. After today’s defeat to the Warriors, the Nets have suffered four straight losses and have fallen to sixth in the Eastern Conference, a very serious situation. In such a situation, the Nets management wants to seek a trade to strengthen the team’s roster.

Brooklyn Nets close to extending Irving and Harden... for 360 million  dollars! | Marca

The Lakers are contacting several teams to explore trades for Howard, Jordan and Bazemore, who will be useless this season as the Lakers are playing a small lineup. It is also possible to get some chips to facilitate the subsequent trade.

The Lakers are discussing a trade with Howard, hoping to get the championship center to strengthen the team’s interior strength. The deal involves the Nets sending Griffin + second-round pick for Howard.

For the Nets, this is obviously a very good deal. Although Griffin has had a decent season, he’s not tall enough to help the Nets inside, and he’s in serious decline, so he’s not much help to the Nets inside.

The same can’t be said for Howard, who is a very good player. This season, Howard is averaging 5.1 points and 5.5 rebounds per game, shooting 61.4% from the field. Even though Howard’s numbers may not look impressive, he is a huge help to the team’s interior.

Brooklyn Nets: How do Nets survive as NBA's most hated team?

On the defensive side, Howard is tall enough and has excellent capturing ability, he can protect the basketball net well and improve the basketball net’s inside protection. He and Harden’s inside-out game is a great tool for the Bucks on the offensive end.

For the Lakers, this season, they due to the injury of the thick eyebrows, coupled with Willow’s shooting problems, so they abandoned Howard, a big center, let James as the five, and stashed Howard, using him for Griffin and a second-round pick is obviously a good choice.

The Lakers offer multiple contract options for thick eyebrows! How  comfortable and how come, thick eyebrows will consider the Zhanhuang  contract | DayDayNews

For the Lakers, they don’t need Howard much since the team already has a great inside player in the Brow, and Griffin is a good option.

Griffin averaged 6.1 points and 4.4 rebounds per game this season, which is still a very good strength. He joined to reduce the pressure of James and Browns, improve the depth of the Lakers front line, Griffin can be a good replacement for Browns, to provide the Lakers with some help.

The Lakers also got a second-round pick, which gives the Lakers more trading chips and is expected to continue to improve the team’s strength through trades at a later time.

NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Sign Blake Griffin After Anthony Davis Injury -  Fadeaway World

There is no doubt that this deal is a win-win for both sides. The Lakers get Griffin to improve the team’s strength, and the Nets get Howard, a great championship center, to improve the interior problems, and have more hope to win the championship.

So will this deal work out? Let’s wait and see!

Chinese Ambassador to the U.S.: Support for Taiwan independence may only lead to war between China and the U.S.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang said on Jan. 28 that if the United States continues to support Taiwan’s independence, a military conflict may break out between China and the United States, a rare talk from Beijing about the possibility of war between China and the United States.

Ambassador Qin Gang blasts U.S. "rules-based world order" - CGTN

In an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) on Jan. 28, Qin described the Taiwan Strait issue as the biggest tinderbox between China and the U.S., saying that if Taiwan authorities continue on the path to independence with the support of the U.S., it will lead to possible military disputes between the two countries.

The situation in the Taiwan Strait has been tense in recent years, and Qin has criticized the Taiwanese authorities for their unshirkable responsibility, saying that the other side is seeking independence with the backing of the United States, and that Washington is playing the Taiwan card to suppress China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told U.S. President Joe Biden last November that any way for Washington to support Taiwan independence is playing with fire, saying that those who play with fire will eventually be burned. But he has also said he wants peaceful reunification across the Taiwan Strait.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley tests positive for Covid-19 -  CNNPolitics

Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said last year that China wants to be able to take back Taiwan in the next six years, but does not expect to do so in the near future.

Lavrov: U.S. aggravates situation near Russia, aims to end problems against China

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Jan. 28 that it is important for Washington to aggravate the situation around Russia to end the problem and then deal with China.

Sergey Lavrov made the remarks in a joint interview with four major Russian radio stations on January 28, explaining why the U.S. is aggravating the situation around Russia, and saying that the U.S. and Russia will meet again in a few weeks, Rosatom said.

The picture shows Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking at the State Duma in Moscow.
The picture shows Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking at the State Duma in Moscow.

The U.S. and NATO have sent separate written responses to Russia’s draft security treaty, Lavrov said, the U.S. and NATO’s response on the main issue, not to Russia’s satisfaction, he added that the Russian side will not change its position on security issues.

He said the U.S. side is well aware that if Washington implements the claimed sanctions, it will be tantamount to severing relations.

He said he could not rule out the possibility that someone might want to provoke Ukraine into war, but Russia does not want to go to war, and if it is up to Russia to decide whether war will break out, it will not.

Europe’s natural gas prices are soaring, is there a way to make homemade fuel from archaea?

Not every country has natural gas fields, so in order to reduce dependence on other countries, the German science team wants to satisfy its own needs by “homemade” natural gas.

Natural Gas | National Geographic Society

This method is somewhat similar to home-brewed beer, where breweries use live yeast to convert sugar and starch into beer, while European energy companies want to use ancient bacteria as catalysts to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into methane (the main component of natural gas), by capturing carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power plants or factories, which can be converted into more useful fuel on the one hand, and prevent greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere on the other.

Methanogenic archaea are single-celled microorganisms that have inhabited the Earth for billions of years, living in the world’s most inhospitable and unforgiving places, including deep underground gas reservoirs, volcanic hot springs, salt lakes, and various oxidation-deficient high-pressure environments.

Methanogenic microorganisms as workhorses of | EurekAlert!

These microorganisms, whose staple food is industrial waste and hydrogen, are converted into methane, which can then be injected directly by future energy companies into existing natural gas pipelines, infrastructure, and factories, or stored underground. Alexander Krajete, a patented chemist, said that ancient bacteria are 4 billion years old and are the oldest known metabolic ancestors, as well as nature’s survivors.

With European natural gas prices hitting record highs in recent years and geopolitical tensions in Russia, green alternatives have also become the focus, said Doris Hafenbradl, managing director of German company Electrochaea GmbH, “We don’t want to use fossil fuels from abroad, but to replace them with this renewable and low-carbon gas.

Electrochaea GmbH - Power-to-Gas Energy Storage | Market

But the journey is still a long one, and billions of euros of additional investment are still needed to make it commercially competitive. Hafenbradl said Electrochaea has already set up demonstration plants in Denmark, Hungary and Switzerland and expects to produce several hundred MWh of green gas in five years. gas in five years.

New milestone in nuclear fusion research, successfully achieving “burning plasma” status

In that moment, nuclear fusion finally came true. Scientists have been studying nuclear fusion for years in order to create energy on Earth comparable to that of a star, and recently a team of scientists in the United States has succeeded in “burning plasma” through high-powered laser light, which instantly allows nuclear fusion to produce more energy than the total input energy.

Burning' hydrogen plasma in the world's largest laser sets fusion records |  Live Science

Nuclear fusion essentially simulates the reactions that occur in solar energy. The sun’s core, at about 27 million degrees Celsius, fuses about 620 million tons of hydrogen into 616 million tons of helium per second, converting 4 million tons of matter into energy, and to create these reactions on Earth requires a large amount of energy to start the process.

This achievement took place at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which has been open since 2009 and where scientists have been working on nuclear fusion technology to generate massive pressures and temperatures with 192 lasers emitting 1.9 megajoules (MJ) of ultraviolet energy, which is then shone onto a ring-space device (or ring-space device) the size of a ball bearing. The fuel capsule in the hohlraum, which is the size of a ball bearing, is imploded to create the opportunity to fuse atoms into helium and release enormous amounts of energy.

Design of inertial fusion implosions reaching the burning plasma regime |  Nature Physics

In this case, the fusion reaction at the National Ignition Facility successfully released 1.35 MJ of energy, the first time the fusion process has produced more energy than the total input energy.

LLNL physicist Alex Zylstra said that for decades nuclear fusion experiments have used extensive “external” heating systems to drive fusion reactions at high temperatures and pressures, but now we have reached a new milestone by allowing the fusion reaction to heat itself for the first time. According to the team, this is known as self-heating, where the nuclear fusion plasma heats itself and enters a burning plasma state when the energy it heats itself is greater than the external energy.

They generate a 'burning plasma', a new milestone in nuclear fusion

Now scientists are taking a small but crucial step forward in the National Ignition Facility. In this experiment, scientists first fine-tuned the device, including expanding the laser energy focused on the fuel, while changing the geometry of the target and the way energy is transmitted between laser beams, to create self-heating plasma by controlling the process of compressing and heating the fuel implosion in a new way.

LLNL physicist and lead author Annie Kritchey said we have achieved the first burning plasma state in a nuclear fusion research facility. Even though the plasma lasts only nanoseconds and it will take decades to achieve a sustained and stable nuclear fusion reaction, the team is finally taking an important step toward ignition and considers the fleeting self-heating plasma to be an important proof of concept.

Formative History and Ethnic Origin of Burma

Formative History and Ethnic Origin of Burma

Burma is located on the South Central Peninsula, the largest continent on the Southeast Asian continent, and like Thailand, the majority of its people are Hinayana Buddhists. Despite its rich natural resources, it is also a typical developing country and is ranked as one of the least developed countries in the world. The ethnic groups of Burma are widely believed to have migrated from the Tibetan plateau and northern Burma, and each wave of migration has forced them to move south. As a result, the Mon, Chin, Arakan, Shan, and Karen peoples gradually settled on the high plains. Initially, there was no political structure in the area and it was mostly composed of villages, with the family being the smallest part.

Burma - United States Department of State

According to the British Haraway’s History of Burma, Indian culture, art and Buddhism were first introduced to Burma by the Mon around 300 AD. In fact, the largest state in Burma was the Mid-Burma Valley state of Billiton, around the 1st-10th centuries AD. Of course, in addition to these, the Mon established a new state, roughly distributed along the Dhanasarin coast in southern Burma, the lower Sittang River, the Irrawaddy River valley, the upper Irrawaddy River, eastern Burma, and the Rakhine state in western Burma.

The Great Golden Pagoda of Burma
In Burma, the Mon were the first people to establish a nation. The Mon lived in the lower reaches of the Irrawaddy River in southern Burma, and by the 10th century had formed the Langasso (today’s southernmost part of Burma, Tannasalin), Tuva (today’s Tuva in southern Burma), Thong (today’s estuary of the Salween River), Pegu (today’s Pegu in Burma), and Bawsang (today’s Bawsang in southern Burma).

The Shan, according to the Burmese History of the Bopha letter, entered Upper Burma in the 7th century, around the 1st century A.D. They traveled south to Yunnan, China, on the border with Burma, and founded the Shan state in 650 A.D.

Myanmar (Burma) - Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

The Karen were the early inhabitants of Burma, and they lived mainly in Burma. According to Heshondra’s History of Burma, the Karen migrated to Burma from southern China in the 6th and 7th centuries, and some scholars have even speculated that they entered the Mon-Khmer region around the 5th century AD.

The Burmese are the main ethnic group in Burma, originating from the Gobi Desert in northwest China and the “Qiang” people of Gansu in the northwestern Tibetan Plateau. Forced by feudal rulers to flee to northeastern Tibet, they fled southward over the mountains around the 2nd century A.D. After centuries of dormancy, they returned to the Southern Empire. They moved from the Southern Empire to Burma in the mid-9th and 10th centuries, eventually settling in the Nyingchi region.

Later, the Myanmarese, through their ability to train a superior cavalry, conquered the other peoples of Burma. As they traveled through the southern imperial kingdom, they learned from the locals to use water buffalo, terraced fields, planted rice, learned warfare, and tamed horses.

Pagoda in Bagan, Burma
With their large population and ability to learn, the Burmese grew and established several dynasties in Burma. In 1044, Anuruddha established the first unified feudal society in Burma, known as Bagan, and was the first Burmese king.

Burma/Myanmar | Travel guide, tips and inspiration | Wanderlust

In 1057, Anuruddha himself led his troops southward to the Mon people and other countries, and Dzung and Pegu surrendered to Bagan one after another. In Dzung, Anuruddha obtained a large number of Buddhist scriptures and monks and brought them to Bagan, which had a profound influence on the development of Bagan. By the time Anuruddha died twenty years later, his influence had extended to most of Burma, including Arakan province in the west, Dhanasaram in the south, and the Shan mountains in the east.

After the fall of Bagan, parts of central and southern Burma remained under Burmese domination. At this time, the rise of the Shan states led to the establishment of several small states in northern Burma, and in 1312, the youngest of the three Shan brothers, Singhoshu, moved his capital to Binya, the Binya dynasty, and three years later, his son, Shuyun, established a new dynasty in central Burma. Thereafter, the kings of both countries died at the hands of Dado Min Phya, a descendant of Singhasit.

Burma Road - Wikipedia

Burmese girl
In 1539, Debin Shwe Thieu captured Pakok and soon unified the whole Burma and created the Toungoo Dynasty. 1548, he marched to Siam, but returned to Burma and was assassinated by the guards. In 1593, he made five expeditions to Siam, but they all ended in failure and he was soon assassinated. His son, Leong Un, rose to fame in the kingdom of Ava and tried to reunite Burma, but at the last moment, his son, Ahnophelon, inherited the throne. In order to consolidate his rule, he led his army southward and conquered Pehmiya and Toungoo, “recovering” the Portuguese Salem, and it was not until King Darun that the economy of the Kingdom of Toungoo was restored to its original state.

In 1752, the Musso chief Yongyiya occupied Dagon, a Mon stronghold, and renamed it Yangon, bringing Burma back under his rule. Upon Yongdia’s death, his second son, Monyat, succeeded to the throne.

The U.S.-Burma Human Rights Dialogue: Frank Criticism but No Action |  Council on Foreign Relations

The British launched an invasion of Rangoon in 1824, citing a conflict along the Indo-Burmese border. In the battle of Rangoon, the Burmese army suffered more than 5,000 casualties. In March of the following year, the British army moved north, and the Burmese army was immediately thrown into chaos when the dynastic general Bandua was killed at the Battle of Daw Lyu Phet.

In February 1826, the British army continued northward and occupied Yandapo, near the Burmese capital. The Kampong Dynasty was forced to sign the Treaty of Yangtapo on the 24th, which was a disgrace to Britain. The treaty included: 1) the Burmese government gave up the rule of Assam and Manipo; 2) Burma’s Arakan and Tanasarin were given to Britain; 3) Burma paid 10 million rupees (i.e. £1 million); 4) Britain agreed to send an ambassador to the Burmese capital; 5) British ships passed through Burmese ports and merchant ships were exempted from taxation.

Scores of buildings burn in Burma town

In 1837, the Treaty of Yandavati was completely abrogated and the British ambassador in Burma was expelled. 1852, Britain again declared war on Burma and the British shipowners were arrested, leading to the Second World War. On April 5 of the same year, British troops again occupied Rangoon. On the 20th of December, the Governor-General of India declared Pakokku to be British, and in 1862, Arakan, Tanasarin and Pakokku were placed under the administration of the Governor-General of India in Lower Burma.

In October 1885, the Third World War broke out between Britain and Burma on the pretext of timber smuggling by Burmese merchants in Bombay. In November of last year, the Burmese dynasty collapsed and Burma became a British colony.

iOS 15.3 urgent push to fix a security vulnerability, is it worth updating?

Every iOS update is a tangled thing, if it is a beta version is fine, the average user can simply ignore. But the official version, many people are willing to upgrade. But now there is a problem, every time a new version of iOS after the upgrade, will be accompanied by some new problems. It is difficult for some old users to decide for a while.

Apple releases iOS 15.3 with a slew of bug fixes and security updates |  Macworld

Recently iOS 15.3 was officially pushed out, if you are still struggling to upgrade, maybe you will have an answer after looking at the feedback from the first users.

Before this version, the iPhone 13 series encountered a screen problem, that is, users feed back the situation of the pink screen. The response from Apple customer service was to upgrade the system to the latest version. After the pink screen issue appeared, Apple quickly launched iOS 15.3, which seems to be a major factor to fix the bugs.

After upgrading iOS 15.3, many users said the pink screen disappeared, while some users replaced the non-original screen, there is no longer prompted by non-original verification. It seems that the pink screen is really a software problem.

Apple has released iOS 15.3, here's what's new

In addition to fixing the pink screen problem, the other is to fix some messy vulnerabilities and bugs. the big aspects include updated child protection features, legacy contact description updates, and fixing a major vulnerability in Safari 15. One of the vulnerabilities in Safari could cause malicious websites to directly read users’ IndexedDB database and obtain their web browsing information, resulting in theft of personal information and web browsing history.

Overall, the perception of the experience is not very strong, it’s still the same smooth iOS 15, but this update fixes a lot of minor issues and makes the experience better.

Apple iOS 15.3 Release: Should You Upgrade?

So is iOS 15.3 worth upgrading? My personal recommendation is to upgrade. The main reason is that this version involves some security vulnerabilities, so security is not a trivial matter. If it is the last few years of the model or silently upgrade it.

Long-term insistence on 100 squats and 200 palm plankes, what changes will happen to you?

Many people feel that fitness muscle can only go to the gym to exercise, but this idea is relatively one-sided. For newcomers to fitness, your physical foundation and muscle strength is relatively weak, you can start with unarmed strength movements, do not need to go to the gym can also be exercised.

Squats 101: How to Do Squats and Which Muscles They Activate

There are many fitness professionals abroad who have not gone to the gym to exercise, the same can play a tendon meat. And for newcomers, unarmed training on their own training effect is very good.

Unarmed fitness, there are many movements can help you strengthen muscle lines and improve their strength levels. If you want to improve their own muscle mass through fitness, strengthen the body line, you can start from the palm press or squat action, every other day training, you can play the exercise effect.

The squat can exercise our lower body muscle groups, improve hip and leg strength, and slow down the aging of the legs. Palm pressure can exercise we can exercise the upper body muscle groups, carve the pectoral muscles, improve arm strength, these 2 movements are fitness novices can not ignore the golden compound movements, so you do not underestimate.

How to Make the Plank Exercise Harder | POPSUGAR Fitness

Many people are unable to complete 30 palm presses or 30 squats training at once, you need to divide into multiple groups to complete. So, if you are new to fitness, you will feel exhausted after 100 squats and 200 palm presses.

When you first start training, we can take 100 squats and 200 palm presses per training as the capacity, divided into multiple groups to complete, the shorter the interval the better, to give the muscle a sense of congestion, stimulate muscle growth, to achieve muscle-building effect.


Each time the accumulation of 100 squats, 200 palm press training, you will feel the whole body muscles began to ache, strength is gradually depleted, the next day feel muscle soreness, making people want to give up training.

After a period of perseverance, you will find that muscle soreness decreases, your body gradually becomes tighter, your strength level improves, and you become more and more skilled at exercise. Your pectoral muscles and arm lines are becoming more pronounced, your hips are improving, and your legs are becoming tighter.

When you perform the palm press and squat for 2-3 months, your physical endurance increases significantly, your strength gradually strengthens, your mental outlook also becomes energetic, and your own physique also improves.

How to Do a Plank: Techniques, Benefits, Variations

When you carry out palm press and squat for more than 3 months, this time you can carry out weight training, such as dumbbell squat, narrow distance palm press, only to enhance the difficulty and intensity of training, in order to allow your body to further develop. This time your athletic ability will also gradually improve, many fitness movements will be easier to complete.

Although the palm press and squat are relatively easy to perform unassisted movements, but want to persist in the long term is not easy to do. But fitness without persistence, you can not reap the benefits of legs.

Many people work out always three minutes of enthusiasm, persist for a few days will give up. Finally, they want to smear: fitness is not effective.

Try This Squat Exercise Modification If You're Super Inflexible | SELF

It takes more than 3 months of fitness training to witness the transformation of your body. If you can not adhere to more than 3 times a week exercise frequency, then you can not say you are working out.

Explanation of the causes of dull and yellow skin and attention to improve

The main causes of skin dullness are as follows.

One, melanin deposition

Breakthrough ultraviolet light development could help kill COVID-19 virus

A lot of us, sunscreen is not in place, resulting in melanin deposits in the skin, because after being exposed to ultraviolet light, will lead to the epidermis of the skin, and even the dermis will be damaged, which will lead to your skin becomes dull, rough, and the skin is prone to aging.

For this kind of problem, it is necessary to do a good job of sun protection all year round. Many people only skincare, forget to do the last step of sun protection, but this step is very important, at the same time, if the sun is relatively large, you can use more tools, umbrellas, hats, sunscreen clothing, more help to resist UV rays.

In the use of skin care products, you can choose more vitamin C, vitamin e dried fruit and other ingredients to help the skin to lighten melanin.

Two, keratin oxidation

Extraction and Characterization of Keratin from Different Biomasses |  SpringerLink

In fact, it is one of the main causes of skin yellowing or darkening, why?

It is inevitable that the human body is oxidized, environmental pollution, poor rest will allow the body to form some free radicals, that free radicals it will lead to rough skin without luster.

For this, we should choose more antioxidant skin care products, at the same time, eat more strong antioxidant effect of vegetables or fruits.

Three, the accumulation of waste keratin

You can properly exfoliate the skin to remove excess keratin, oil, grease dirt, while using some whitening and hydrating products.

Keratin Waste: The Biodegradable Polymers | IntechOpen

Fourth, the skin is dehydrated

If your skin is dehydrated for a long time, it will also make the skin become relaxed, aging, no luster, delaying the normal metabolism of the skin cycle, resulting in pigmentation, skin dullness.

Daily, do a good job of skin hydration and water retention, acute hydration when dehydrated, you can often wet compress or two to three times a week a mask hydration, at the same time, you can also use some whitening effect of the product to improve this skin dull and yellow problem.

10 Sneaky Signs You're Dehydrated

Five, the internal causes of the body

Insufficient qi and blood will also cause metabolic problems, it is not only the body metabolism is not smooth, the skin will also metabolism is not smooth.

3,069 Metabolic Syndrome Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

Some people may feel that the body is insufficient qi and blood, but they may be more difficult to distinguish a little, the following three points can be numbered to analyze their own.

1, if the usual liver fire is relatively strong, liver stagnation, will also lead to yellowing of the skin.

Liver: Anatomy and Functions | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Because the liver metabolizes all the toxins in the body, if your liver fire is more vigorous, liver stagnation, in fact, your skin will be more yellow.

2, lung Qi deficiency, what does lung Qi deficiency mean?

It may be difficult for many people to distinguish, the lungs are the main skin, lung deficiency often manifests itself in the throat, cough or rhinitis, these represent a relatively deficient lung, will also cause our skin is not good.

3, the spleen and stomach function is poor

This is generally very accounted for a large proportion of the South in particular, relatively heavy dampness, many people’s spleen and stomach function will be relatively poor, will also lead to the skin is also relatively dull, no luster.

This is the main reason why the body three cause skin dull yellow.

What Does the Spleen Do? Function, Location, and… | Carolina Digestive

All the overall skin dull yellow, basically these few problems, you can check to see where their own problem points, check to improve.