Long-term insistence on 100 squats and 200 palm plankes, what changes will happen to you?

Many people feel that fitness muscle can only go to the gym to exercise, but this idea is relatively one-sided. For newcomers to fitness, your physical foundation and muscle strength is relatively weak, you can start with unarmed strength movements, do not need to go to the gym can also be exercised.

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There are many fitness professionals abroad who have not gone to the gym to exercise, the same can play a tendon meat. And for newcomers, unarmed training on their own training effect is very good.

Unarmed fitness, there are many movements can help you strengthen muscle lines and improve their strength levels. If you want to improve their own muscle mass through fitness, strengthen the body line, you can start from the palm press or squat action, every other day training, you can play the exercise effect.

The squat can exercise our lower body muscle groups, improve hip and leg strength, and slow down the aging of the legs. Palm pressure can exercise we can exercise the upper body muscle groups, carve the pectoral muscles, improve arm strength, these 2 movements are fitness novices can not ignore the golden compound movements, so you do not underestimate.

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Many people are unable to complete 30 palm presses or 30 squats training at once, you need to divide into multiple groups to complete. So, if you are new to fitness, you will feel exhausted after 100 squats and 200 palm presses.

When you first start training, we can take 100 squats and 200 palm presses per training as the capacity, divided into multiple groups to complete, the shorter the interval the better, to give the muscle a sense of congestion, stimulate muscle growth, to achieve muscle-building effect.


Each time the accumulation of 100 squats, 200 palm press training, you will feel the whole body muscles began to ache, strength is gradually depleted, the next day feel muscle soreness, making people want to give up training.

After a period of perseverance, you will find that muscle soreness decreases, your body gradually becomes tighter, your strength level improves, and you become more and more skilled at exercise. Your pectoral muscles and arm lines are becoming more pronounced, your hips are improving, and your legs are becoming tighter.

When you perform the palm press and squat for 2-3 months, your physical endurance increases significantly, your strength gradually strengthens, your mental outlook also becomes energetic, and your own physique also improves.

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When you carry out palm press and squat for more than 3 months, this time you can carry out weight training, such as dumbbell squat, narrow distance palm press, only to enhance the difficulty and intensity of training, in order to allow your body to further develop. This time your athletic ability will also gradually improve, many fitness movements will be easier to complete.

Although the palm press and squat are relatively easy to perform unassisted movements, but want to persist in the long term is not easy to do. But fitness without persistence, you can not reap the benefits of legs.

Many people work out always three minutes of enthusiasm, persist for a few days will give up. Finally, they want to smear: fitness is not effective.

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It takes more than 3 months of fitness training to witness the transformation of your body. If you can not adhere to more than 3 times a week exercise frequency, then you can not say you are working out.