iOS 15.3 urgent push to fix a security vulnerability, is it worth updating?

Every iOS update is a tangled thing, if it is a beta version is fine, the average user can simply ignore. But the official version, many people are willing to upgrade. But now there is a problem, every time a new version of iOS after the upgrade, will be accompanied by some new problems. It is difficult for some old users to decide for a while.

Apple releases iOS 15.3 with a slew of bug fixes and security updates |  Macworld

Recently iOS 15.3 was officially pushed out, if you are still struggling to upgrade, maybe you will have an answer after looking at the feedback from the first users.

Before this version, the iPhone 13 series encountered a screen problem, that is, users feed back the situation of the pink screen. The response from Apple customer service was to upgrade the system to the latest version. After the pink screen issue appeared, Apple quickly launched iOS 15.3, which seems to be a major factor to fix the bugs.

After upgrading iOS 15.3, many users said the pink screen disappeared, while some users replaced the non-original screen, there is no longer prompted by non-original verification. It seems that the pink screen is really a software problem.

Apple has released iOS 15.3, here's what's new

In addition to fixing the pink screen problem, the other is to fix some messy vulnerabilities and bugs. the big aspects include updated child protection features, legacy contact description updates, and fixing a major vulnerability in Safari 15. One of the vulnerabilities in Safari could cause malicious websites to directly read users’ IndexedDB database and obtain their web browsing information, resulting in theft of personal information and web browsing history.

Overall, the perception of the experience is not very strong, it’s still the same smooth iOS 15, but this update fixes a lot of minor issues and makes the experience better.

Apple iOS 15.3 Release: Should You Upgrade?

So is iOS 15.3 worth upgrading? My personal recommendation is to upgrade. The main reason is that this version involves some security vulnerabilities, so security is not a trivial matter. If it is the last few years of the model or silently upgrade it.