Middle composition – a great technique to bring the focus

When I first came into photography, the first composition method I learned was the “Golden Ratio” or the “Rule of Thirds”, but in fact, we are shooting a lot. We can use another weight map that needs to be used carefully but works well. Let the photo works have more changes, this time I will introduce the use of “middle composition”!

What is an middle composition?
The middle composition is to place the subject of the target in the middle of the picture, whether it is straight or horizontal can also be used.

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The advantages of middle composition

It’s very convenient to take pictures
The main body is placed in the center, and the reader can easily notice
Works with almost any photo size
Easy to learn to use
Wide range of applications

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Disadvantages of middle composition

The screen becomes cluttered easily
The subject placed in the middle needs to be chosen carefully
Improper operation can make the photo look worse
As seen above, intermediate composition has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see how to avoid its shortcomings and easily control the technique of “middle composition”!

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Techniques for applying middle compositions
(1) Choose the background to avoid clutter
One of the easy mistakes in middle composition is that the subject is not prominent enough, making it difficult for readers to understand the subject that the photographer wants to express. Therefore, when using the middle composition, it is best to look for a simple background or something that is larger than the subject. The contrast can easily highlight what you want to shoot.

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(2) Make good use of shallow depth of field
If you can’t find a very simple background when shooting, you can make good use of shallow depth of field shooting methods (such as enlarged aperture, long focal length, etc., please click here for detailed teaching), which can make the subject jump out from the background and strengthen the subject. expression.

(3) Choose a target with a “story”
One of the most important points of the middle composition is to shoot the target with “story”. Whether it is static, animal, or model, its action and appearance are also the key to the quality of a photo. Deepen the imagination in the reader’s head (what story does the person/thing in the photo have?), and the photo will become an ordinary, unattractive photo.

Mastering Centered Composition: Say Yes to 'Dead Center' - Better Travel  Photos

(4) Try the square size
Because the subject will also be placed in the middle of the photo, you can try to change the traditional 3:2 format to a 1:1 square when shooting. Just like taking photos with Instagram, by reducing the space on both sides, the reader can see more visually. concentrated!

Although there are some rules or guidelines to follow for composition, in fact, it is necessary to decide which one to use according to the actual shooting situation, to learn different composition skills, and to be more handy when applying shooting!