How much “harm” does long-term smoking bring to the body? It’s time to think about quitting smoking

It is a fact that most people know that smoking is not good for human health, but few people pay attention to it. Smoking is good for a while, and the harmful substances obtained are too much, but it is difficult for the body to bear, and it will have an impact on health. Therefore, people who smoke It is necessary to grasp common sense as soon as possible, and understand which hidden dangers are caused by smoking. If it is unbearable, get rid of it as soon as possible, and ensure health through other healthy lifestyles.

What are the dangers of long-term smoking?

  1. Increase blood viscosity

Smoking is detrimental to human health, and it has a wide range of effects. Some people’s blood vessels become more brittle and less elastic because of the large amount of harmful substances in tobacco. Because the composition of tobacco is more complex, most harmful substances will increase blood viscosity after ingestion.

Blood viscosity

Under normal circumstances, blood flows fast in the blood vessels and can be supplied to the organs and important tissues in need all the time, so as to maintain normal life activities. Continued blood viscosity will cause insufficient blood supply to certain organs, and subsequent thrombosis will occur in the blood vessel wall, and the blood vessels will be blocked and stenotic. The risk of vascular disease is high. In order to maintain good blood vessels and maintain a healthy state of the body, it is necessary to reduce smoking. Of course, a light diet and strengthening exercise are helpful.

  1. Reduce resistance

Smoking will always cause harm to the body. Many people have a weakened immune system and cannot effectively fight the invasion of pathogens, which is mainly related to the persistence of tobacco. The accumulation of a variety of harmful substances in it will indirectly reduce the function of multiple organs, and at the same time affect the ability of the immune system.

How to Optimize Your Immune System

Under normal circumstances, the body has enough resistance to fight against the invasion of foreign pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc. cannot break through the barrier and cause health problems. However, frequent smoking, coupled with the development of other incorrect lifestyles, the immune system is getting worse and worse, bacteria, viruses, etc. have the opportunity, and finally will get sick and cause various adverse symptoms, and the quality of life will be reduced under the threat of disease. It can be seen that , the key to enhancing resistance is to stay away from tobacco.

  1. Increased risk of lung disease

Lung cancer is a disease with high morbidity and mortality. Many adverse factors will increase the incidence of lung cancer, such as serious air pollution, ionizing radiation damage, and serious lung diseases without taking correct treatment measures. Of course, smoking also makes lung cancer. The fuse for the appearance of lung cancer, most people with lung cancer affecting the health of the body have the experience of smoking.

What to Know About Cystic Lung Disease – Cleveland Clinic

After long-term acquisition of tar, nicotine and other carcinogenic components in tobacco, lung function decreases, normal cells may become cancerous, and finally cancer appears, local lesions continue to develop, and cancer cells may also metastasize and spread. In order to maintain the health of the body, improve the lung function, and stay away from the trouble of malignant tumors, the unhealthy lifestyle should be corrected, and smoking less can keep the body healthy.