Amazon opens physical fashion store, tech fitting room frees store assistants

Amazon is now one of the world’s largest internet retailers, with apparel sales surpassing rival Walmart by more than $41 billion as early as 2020. Amazon also announced today (20th) that it will set up its first physical clothing store “Amazon Style” this year, integrating online and offline shopping experiences to capture the market.

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According to foreign media “CNBC”, Amazon Style will be set up in Glendale, Los Angeles later this year, with a store area of ​​about 30,000 square feet. It is expected to sell well-known brands of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., with prices ranging from $10 to $4,000. Dollars vary to meet the needs of different customers.

Unlike other fashion stores, Amazon Style has only one display for each clothing accessory. Customers who want other sizes, colors, and see similar product recommendations will have to scan the QRcode on the product through the Amazon app. Just tap on the desired garment within the app and it will be sent to the fitting room or pickup counter.

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Amazon said that this shopping model hopes to reduce the clutter caused by inventory in physical stores, so that customers do not have to find the clothes they need on the shelves.

In the fitting room, customers can use the touch screen to rate products or send other clothing to the fitting room. The staff will deliver the products to the Security Closet in the fitting room according to the customer’s request. This means that customers can continue shopping without having to leave the fitting room and seek staff assistance in person. Customers can also pay through Amazon’s scanning system during checkout.