Three Questions of “Enlargement Cream” – How to Use and Precautions

1) When is it most appropriate to use it?

Friends who use enlargement cream for the first time will definitely have this problem. Wearing this Big Boy Gel can be said to be “dual use”. To be used 30 minutes before sex, apply the enlargement cream to the lower body and massage gently. This short-term effect can make the lower body firmer within ten to twenty minutes of exercise. If you are planning to impregnate your partner during sex, this enlargement cream will also help to increase the number of ejaculated sperm, increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Of course, this product is not entirely “instant”. If you use it every day, it can be regarded as “long-term maintenance”. Use after each bath and before going to bed. Massage as directed, and results can be seen within three months. The virtue of daily use is that its effect is not a one-time “one-off”, but it is effective. As a result, it can improve hardness and durability, and its functions can improve blood circulation and metabolism, and increase the rate of cell proliferation. It can wake up the muscles and soft tissues that have not been used, which can significantly improve the appearance and allow men to achieve “three times a day”.

2) How to deal with massage techniques? Can you use it to get an erection?

Before teaching, let’s remember one thing: don’t overuse. This does not mean that there will be any side effects, but that it will be “too much”. So don’t waste the amount of the enlargement cream indiscriminately.

First, the user can squeeze out a size of about 5 millimetres of enlargement cream, use three fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers) to gently spread the enlargement cream and apply it all over the glans. After completion, the user can gently massage the glans position and the part connected to the penis. Lasts about 5-10 minutes. Remember to do it every night if you want to stick to it. As long as you want to be in an erection state, there is really no need for it. If it is for immediateness, it can be used after erection; if it is for daily maintenance, it is not necessary to use it after the lower body is erected deliberately.

And if you are not using this product for the first time or know that your body can accept this supplement, you can use the advanced method! Apply the enlargement cream all over the penis until the cream is completely absorbed. Then use the palm of your hand to hold the firm penis and massage gently or move it up and down for about 10-15 minutes. The advantage of this method is that the enlargement cream is more fully absorbed; but it may also make the user feel like masturbating. The reason why it is advanced is to massage without the urge to masturbate, and to continue for 10-15 minutes. Attention men!

3) Is it applicable to all people of physique? Are there any age restrictions?

Since the main ingredients of the enlargement cream include aloe vera leaf extract, arnica flower extract, shea butter and other natural ingredients, there are no added pharmaceutical ingredients, so theoretically it is suitable for people of any constitution. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended that users apply a small amount of enlargement cream on the arm first to test for allergic reactions. If there is, you must stop using it immediately, and don’t be rude! As for age, since this product is not a drug but a health care product, it is theoretically suitable for people of any age. Of course, we recommend that users should only use it when they are adults to achieve the best results.

I believe that when readers see this, they should also have a deeper understanding of this product and the reasons behind it. Lastly, I would like to mention that a single dose of enlargement cream can be used for about one month; and the general course of treatment takes about three months to see the effect, so everyone can choose to buy it in the amount of one course of treatment.